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Benefits of FS Tech Support


Most efficient way to Quality Control work orders real-time and thereby, improve the customer’s experience.


GPS tracking with the expense of OBD. Create custom Geo Fences & Dashboards based on your needs and eliminate Timecard Manipulation!


Our app was designed by field service engineers and call center specialists specifically, to address the issues Field Service Companies and their mobile workforce encounter every day.

About Our App

FS Tech Support is a module based software that helps Field Service Organizations and their mobile workforce improve their efficiency.

The Features Inside Our App

Your company and mobile workforce will mainly use our app to perform Live Video QCs, Employee Tracking, Provisioning, Ticketing, Technician Routing via Real-Time GPS, as well as, Improve your QC Process, or a Custom Charge Platform for custom work. These features dramatically improves the efficiency of a field service organization and its mobile workforce, thereby enhancing your customer’s experience!





Yes, our GPS solution will help your organization keep track of your mobile workforce. We can track the employee, customize geo-fences, and set alerts so the customer is aware when the technician left his home location and will arrive at the customer’s location. These geo-fences are completely customizable by the customer’s needs. We also have dashboards for quick views to see if the technician is late for his appointment and we capture the latitude & longitude so, we know if the technician he marks himself on-site when they are not actually on-site.
It is an easy process to get started, simply download the APP via Apple App Store, or Google play and you can begin tracking your mobile workforce of technicians.
FSTechSupport offers a couple of solutions for Video QAs and one of them is a Video QC. When the technician is on-site, he or she can call their auditor and walk through the Video QC process via the app. The auditor can take the required pictures during the video chat and the pictures are saved to that specific work order. Once all the required checks and/or pictures are complete, you drag the pictures to the correct header and FSTS generates a PDF that can be uploaded, emailed, or saved.
We have 2 options a live and a post QC. If the technician doesn’t have service and the job requires a quality check, the auditor can do a post QC on his phone, or tablet after the work order is closed.
Yes, we do offer a ticketing system. FSTechSupport has a detailed ticketing system that can be customized per the customer’s need. This eliminates the error of managing through emails and other methods.
We can send thousands of text messages at one time. Our valued customers use this feature to confirm appointments, reschedule work orders, and for post calls. This adds a big benefit to our customers and the response rate because in today’s world, people respond to text messages before they pick up the phone.
Once the technicians are uploaded into the system, they will receive an email with a username and a temporary password. When they login for the first time, they will be required to change their password for security reasons.
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You can email Customer Support directly, we would be happy to answer any question you may have regarding FSTechSupport.

FSTechSupport is a module based software that allows Field Service Organizations and their mobile workforce of technicians to improve their efficiency and thereby, provide their customers an enhanced experience!